In today’s age of technology and innovation, industries left and right are being turned on their head as young companies dream up new and better ways to improve their industry. The Out-of-Home (OOH) industry…more specifically, the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) industry is no exception.

For months, industry publications have talked about the eventual shift to programmatic software as a means of buying OOH. Just a couple weeks ago, Clear Channel Outdoor was the first major outdoor media company to announce its programmatic platform, RADAR and several other platforms are either being developed or conceived at the time of this article.

When Legion Digital was created in 2014, there were only a small handful of Mobile Digital Display (MDD) companies in existence with the average size being 1-2 trucks. The concept of putting LED screens on a truck for the purpose of advertising was a concept that was only a few years old and still trying to make a place for itself in the industry as the next generation of mobile billboards. Mobile billboards in general are viewed as an event or short term medium and have never truly competed with billboards, the largest segment of the OOH industry…until now!

SWAY by Legion Digital is the industries first programmatic, geo-targeted, pay-per-display platform for mobile digital trucks. The software behind SWAY is a brilliant concept by software developer, Ads On Top, Inc. that gives advertisers and agencies tremendous power. Currently, there are roughly 6,100 digital billboards in the United States according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and most of those are consistently sold out or nearly full. Cities all across America are putting regulations in place that make it very difficult for outdoor companies to erect new digital structures, thus the industry is largely updating existing vinyl structures to digital. While cities continue to expand and gobble up more land, the rate of new billboard structures (vinyl or digital) being built in these new areas is falling further and further behind.

The SWAY platform by Legion Digital solves many of these barriers. Because our digital billboards are built into the truck, they are not bound by the highly restrictive laws of traditional billboards. This platform was designed for the advertiser that wants more input and control into their DOOH advertising campaigns. For the first time in history, a direct advertiser can identify the exact area(s) where they want their DOOH ad to be seen by setting a geo-fence, select the days of the week and times of day within those days they want the ad to appear, and set their own budget (total campaign, daily spend, and per display cost) that they are comfortable paying. As soon as the Legion Digital MDD trucks enter your pre-defined geo-fence and your campaign parameters are met, your ads will automatically display on all three screens of the truck. You are only charged for each display with your your chosen parameters, not at 3 am when no one is around to see it. Your portal is complete with reports and a heat map showing exactly where your ads were shown so you always know exactly what is happening with your campaign.



The pricing model is what truly sets the platform apart from anything on the marketplace. For those that have experience with Google Display Ads, this is going to seem very familiar. The SWAY platform ushers in a new era of digital signage pricing. No longer do you as an advertiser have to commit to an entire month, quarter, or annual contract at a price the outdoor company dictates to you…if there is availability. On our platform, you can choose between the recommended price or you choose your per display cost based on your needs. Much like Google, the platform will prioritize the schedule of ads based on location, amount paid per display, and total daily budget available. If you only need to advertise on Tuesdays from 8am to 8pm within a 3 mile radius of your store location, our platform handles that too.



Legion Digital is launching the SWAY platform in Omaha, Nebraska Fort Worth, TX with further expansion planned in other top 25 markets throughout 2017 and 2018. Every client will be assigned a campaign liaison that can assist with setting up campaigns, making recommendations, and more. If you would like to learn more about this revolutionary platform, visit our website at or call 402-408-7394.